The Baronetage of England, Ireland, Nova Scotia,
Great Britain and the United Kingdom


A - B
C - D
E - H
Abdy to Anson
Anstruther to Ayshcombe
Backhouse to Barratt
Barret to Benyon
Beresford to Blount
Blundell to Boyle
Boynton to Browne
Brownlow to Byng
Cable-Alexander to Cavendish
Cawley to Clavering
Clay to Congreve
Conroy to Cowper
Cox to Cuyler
D'Aeth to Denny
Denton to Drake
Draper to Dymoke
Eardley to Eyles
Fagge to Fletcher
Fletcher-Vane to Fytche
Gabriel to Goff
Golding to Graham-Moon
Grant to Gwynne-Evans
Hacking to Harmsworth
Harnage to Hermon-Hodge
Heron to Home
Home-Purves-Hume-Campbell to Hyde

I - O
P - S
T - Y
I'Anson to Isherwood
Jackson to Juxon
Kaberry to Kyrle-Money
Lacon to Leeds
Lees to Lithgow
Littleton to Lytton
Macalister to Malcolm
Malet to Meux
Meyer to Moody
Moon to Myrton
Naesmyth to Nutting

Oakeley to Oxenden
Page to Pender
Pennefather to Pollen
Pollock to Pynsent
Quain to Quin
Radcliffe to Rivers
Rivett-Carnac to Rylands
Sabine to Selby-Bigge
Seton to Smiley
Smith to Stevenson
Stewart to Synge-Hutchinson

Talbot to Tipping
Tollemache to Tyrwhitt
Uniacke-Penrose-Fitzgerald to Usher
Valckenburg to Vyvyan
Waechter to Wentworth
Werden to Wilson
Wilson-Todd to Wyvill
Yarrow to Yule



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